Our Services


Connect ‘things’ in your home to the Internet of Things.


Learn about IoT by attending our workshops or accessing our on-line courses.


Use our consultancy services to introduce IoT into your business.


We are a digital technology and informatics company. Our micro-controller connects to the internet and makes ‘The Internet of Things’ accessible to all. Our products and services range from mobile operated toys for the home to developing cost-effective cloud based control systems that streamline business operations.

Your own innovations and ideas

Discover how to turn ‘things’ into internet enabled products.

Drag-n-Drop Programming

Use an innovative virtual wiring system to change how ‘things’ operate.

Learn About

Make your idea happen, we will be providing on-line instructions on how to build many applications.


SmartSensors Kit

Our SmartSensors Kit connects to the internet over WiFi. Then, using a mobile device you can control its various sensors and motors using our web application.

No programming is required!

Instead use our on-line wiring tool

SmartCar Kit

Our SmartCar Kit is the perfect way to play, learn and develop understanding about the way the internet is transforming lives right now.

Using a mobile device (over WiFi) to control the car is only