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Connect ‘things’ in your home to the Internet of Things.


Learn about IoT by attending our workshops or accessing our on-line courses.


Use our consultancy services to introduce IoT into your business.


We are a digital technology and informatics company involved with 'The Internet of Things'. Our Sensor2Cloud micro-controller kit connects to the internet and makes ‘The Internet of Things’ accessible to all. Our products and services range from mobile operated toys to developing cost-effective 'Cloud' based control systems that streamline business operations.

Your own innovations and ideas

Discover how to turn your inanimate objects into internet enabled products.

Drag-n-Drop Programming

Learn to code using a fun and easy drag-n-drop programming tool.

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Fun way to access electronics, engineering, mechanics, robotics, coding and more…


Sensor2Cloud Kit

Our invention is a Sensor2Cloud micro-controller kit that, with the press of a button, links up with a website. The whole system is designed to get people connected to ‘The Internet of Things’ very quickly.

Sensor2Car Kit

We are in the final stages of producing Sensor2Car; a Racing Car Kit based on our Sensor2Cloud micro-controller and is the perfect platform for learning about ‘The Internet of Things’.

VentureFest 2018

Hypersmart Ltd will be exhibiting at VentureFest Tees Valley on 22nd May 2018, at Wynyard Hall, Billingham. Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible there. Further details and booking can be found at http://venturefest.tv